Experience unique adventures with us, your Perth and Sydney-based Travel Agents

Memorable group tours and travel packages

Experience a unique adventure and book your next international experience with Travel Directors. We are a boutique travel company that is passionate about providing you with a travel experience you will never forget. We believe that travelling should offer a memorable and thrilling experience while teaching us something new about the world and ourselves. As adventure travel agents in Perth and Sydney, we understand the need for specialised travel encounters in locations that offer out-of-the-box adventures. We therefore make a point of organising unusual travel opportunities for those who like to do things slightly differently. Start planning your holiday of a lifetime with our knowledgeable and friendly consultants.

Independent niche tours

We organise small intimate group tours for 10-24 travellers offering you the opportunity to enjoy travelling with likeminded people. Many of our destinations are places that are difficult to travel to independently, but we make it easy for you. With an international network of ground operators in various countries, all of whom are committed to providing exceptional travel services, Travel Directors provides all clients with some of the best cultural experiences on offer. Take a rail tour from China to Tibet, enjoy a unique African trip to Uganda, Rwanda, and Ethiopia, or an unforgettable holiday to South America, including three days exploring the Amazon River. You might be well-travelled but there’s always somewhere out of the ordinary and new to explore. Browse our tour offerings and choose your next adventure.

Interact with locals

As an adventure travel agency, we believe that one of the most important components of travel is interaction with the locals, and we go out of our way to meet local people wherever we go. We like to discover how they live and what makes them tick. A wonderful result of this is that many of our travellers have established firm and lasting friendships with people in some of the most remote parts of the world. Experiencing the world does not mean driving past magnificent world heritage sites on a bus. With us you will experience different cultures, delve into the history and become a part of the story that you have travelled to experience. Our group tours are designed to get you to places you never thought you’d visit, to see and do things that very few travellers do, and to return home with memories to last you a lifetime.

Our travel packages are designed for you to enjoy an amazing holiday; we handle the logistics, you experience the magic. We have a range of packages to meet a variety of travel requirements, no matter where in the world you live. Thousands of travellers have experienced amazing parts of the world without worrying about accommodation, flights and travel insurance, because we sort all of that for you. Our tours are fully escorted and are unlike regular tours, with each one designed to provide a unique adventure. Booking an adventure has never been easier.

Unique travel for unique people

From anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, enjoy a holiday with a difference. We provide special travel experiences for people looking for something original and unique. Visit exotic destinations, see volcanoes, rain forests and epic mountain ranges. Our tours are comfortable and well organised, and our extensive portfolio of travel options will entice the most seasoned traveller. Chat to our friendly consultants to plan your next trip, or check our tour dates to start your planning.

Additional offerings

In addition to our organised tours we also offer a variety of services including:

  • Booking flights
  • Accommodation
  • Travel insurance
  • Any additional amenities you may require on your travels.

We pride ourselves on being a travel agency with a difference. Travel Directors are more than just travel agents; we love travelling and take great steps to ensure you enjoy an original holiday. Contact us and take that first step to an experience of a lifetime.


Richard Dando

"Amazing! People would be out of their mind if they had a bad word to say about this trip. Every single one of us will be going back as ambassadors for the company."   (Himalayan Express tour, April 2017)

Maxine Macmillan

"It's pleasing to be introduced to a company that is doing something a little different - looking outside of the box."   (Manchester to Marrakech tour, September 2016)

Geoff & Bev Barbour

‘The trip was fabulous, as are all your trips. You’ve got Bev and I for life!’   (Multiple tours)

Alan Long

‘Excellent tour, excellent local reps, excellent tour leader, excellent accommodation – the list goes on.’

Jill Dakin

'This was my third trip with TD, and you never disappoint. Thank you so much.’

Graeme & Anne Watts

'An amazing trip – so glad we have done it and so sorry for all those people who ‘think we were crazy to go there’. It was a true trip of a lifetime.'

Shelley Porter

‘The trip was over too soon, but I never get tired of travelling when everything is so well organised and interesting. No stress. Thanks for the adventure.’

Margit Loehrl

‘What I like about your trips is that everything is included.’

Lyndall Moore

‘We have previously done the TD Trans-Siberian which was truly amazing. This trip was different, but also unforgettable. We’ve been home nearly three weeks and are still realising what a wonderful experience we have had. Thank


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