Rail Tours

Motherland Statue-Volgograd-web
Sunset rays streak from below the cirrocumulus clouds over train
Fez Cityscape and Tannery

Travel Directors have always loved railways. After all, the first escorted adventure we ever organised was on the Trans-Siberian  Railway through Russia, a tour we are still running several times a year, almost a quarter of a century later!

Rail Across Europe  is now a firm favourite in our annual tour programme. The tour embraces seven countries: Scotland, England, Wales, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, and features some fabulous journeys. There’s the West Highland line, which cuts through the glorious Scottish countryside; the Carlisle to Settle route through the Pennines and the Yorkshire dales and then a trip on Eurostar from Paris to London. On the continent we travel on the breathtaking Glacier Express from Zermatt to St Moritz and finish in the fairytale German town of Wernigerode, home to one of the world’s last surviving steam railway services.

With the ever-increasing popularity of rail tours, we have added a brand new tour to our rail portfolio – Manchester to Marrakech. The inaugural tour will depart in September 2016 and is an epic 30-day journey from the heart of the industrial revolution to the sands of the Sahara Desert. With the exception of a short ferry journey from Gibraltar to Tangier, the entire journey through Wales, France, Spain, and Morocco is by rail. It is an extraordinary journey giving a completely different perspective on the countries we visit.