We are a wholly Australian-owned travel agency, having been in business for more than three decades. We specialise in escorted adventure tours to spectacular destinations around the world. Our mission is to share our passion for travel with like-minded people.

We don’t subscribe to the normal concept of escorted travel. Our tours are not for those who want to be herded around in large groups, seeing sights merely from the inside of buses. We treat each of our travellers as an individual, appreciating that each has individual interests. Wherever possible we try to accommodate these in our tours, in addition to the wonderful programmes we provide.

Rather than cocoon you within the countries we visit, we will expose you to the true cultures and realities of travel within these marvellous and unique destinations. Where possible we avoid areas dominated by mass-tourism, instead seeking out hidden treasures rarely visited and experienced.

We hope you find our tours attractive, exciting and enticing. And we hope that someday soon you will join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

Our Philosophy

We avoid many of the areas normally visited by tourists and endeavour to immerse our clients in the rich culture of the countries we visit. We seek to provide a balance between conventional sightseeing and genuine contact with local people and families.

We are constantly seeking to improve our tours, in order to stay ahead of our competitors. To help us achieve this we have, over the years, developed a superb network of local contacts and guides in the many countries we visit. They are in constant touch, informing us of any changes that may affect our itinerary. Our maximum group size is 24 with one tour leader.

Who goes on our tours?

Travel is a basic human urge – a chance to discover something new about ourselves and others. Our tours appeal to people who want more from their holiday than merely soaking up the sun.

Our tours attract a special kind of person, one who is open to new experiences and can cope with the sometimes frustrating circumstances in which we may find ourselves.

While we include numerous excursions and sightseeing on our tours, we also include some free time. We urge our travellers to take full advantage of this and take the opportunity to mix with the people you have travelled so far to meet.

Our trips have no place for rigid attitudes, cultural prejudices or false expectations. Most importantly, our tours are for adventurous, flexible and fun-loving people who appreciate real travel.