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Snow sculpture-Sun Island
Mt Fuji-Cherry Blossom-main
bear catches salmon - Kamchatka, Russia
NORTH KOREA, PYONGYANG - July 24: Mansudae Monument at July 24, 2014 in Pyongyang, North Korea. Mansudae is the most respected monument of the late leaders of the DPRK.

By far the world’s largest continent in both area and population, Asia is an incredible chequer-board and is host to three of our Adventures of a Lifetime. Like the continent, our tours are varied and diverse – from our near-neighbours China and Burma, to the remarkable landscapes of the Himalayan Plateau in Tibet.

The Himalayan Express
One of our most popular Asia tours, The Himalayan Express features an extraordinary 22-hour journey on the world’s highest railway from Xining in China to the Tibetan capital, Lhasa. We then drive across the spectacular Himalayan Plateau, stopping at ancient towns and settlements, en-route to Kathmandu. Finally we arrive in the ‘Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon’ – Bhutan – the world’s last Shangri-La!

Road to Mandalay
Our remarkable 26-day journey to south-western China and the newly emerging nation of Myanmar, reveals places where the pace of change is slow and the traditional ways endure. After nine days in an untouched and idyllic pocket of China we cross the remote northern land border into mysterious Burma. We explore untouched Shan villages before heading south to Maymyo, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon. The Road to Mandalay is a stunning journey that encapsulates mystery, beauty and adventure, touching the very heart of two exquisite countries.

Indian Essence
The newest addition to our Asia tours portfolio, Indian Essence is a spectacular 21-day journey to the historic and exotic cities of Rajasthan in the north of India, to the serenity and natural beauty of the state of Kerala in the south-west. Indian Essence is a magnificent journey which offers a perfect insight into the diversity of this life-affirming country.