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Travel differently with small independent niche tours

From the moment you contact Travel Directors, our friendly consultants will take good care of you. We know the enjoyment of your next international adventure hinges on our ability to organise a unique travel experience, which is why we offer all-inclusive travel packages and group tours that will far exceed all your expectations. Our tours are designed for people who enjoy original experiences, not your run-of-the-mill holidays. Book online and start looking forward to a trip of a lifetime.

Small groups – well organised intimate tours

Our small group tour packages are all-inclusive. That means: return economy-class flights, twin-share hotel accommodation (four-berth on trains, with two-berth optional upgrades available), group transfers, ground transportation, most meals, sightseeing and entrance fees, professional tour guides, experienced tour leaders, and visas. We also pay all tips and gratuities.

Our holiday tours are for people who want a travel experience with a difference. These are no ordinary holidays, but rather trips for the adventurous traveller, for those who want to experience more, who see life differently, and are tired of the ordinary. From our first escortedtours, 25 years ago –The Legendary Trans-Siberian– we have expanded our portfolio to include tours to almost every corner of the globe.

All our tours are graded to help you decide whether they’re right for you. The grading is as follows:

  • Easy tours:Requires a basic level of fitness, but they are easy-paced.
  • Moderate tours: These involve more walking or tiring journeys, but they are within the capability of anyone leading a normal active life.
  • Active tours:Involve considerable walking and long travel days. Tours that go up to altitudes above 3000m are included in this grading.

Africa Tours

Africa is known for it rich cultural history, amazing adventures, extraordinary wildlife and phenomenal landscapes. Our Africa tours include stunning adventures to the beautiful Skeleton Coast in Namibia, the magical Okavango Delta, to Tanzania to see the massive wildlife migrations, and the vibrant, beautiful Mother City of Cape Town. Book now.

Undiscovered Europe Tours

We offer a selection of adventurous Europe tours to off-the-beaten-track destinations. Enjoy the Jewels of the Mediterranean, which will take you to Sicily, Malta, ancient Greek sites, rugged cliffs and an active Volcano. Take the Beyond the Black Sea tour and visit this special part of the continent. Travel to a seldom visited part of Europe and enjoy the natural beauty, amazing history and fascinating cultures of the region. Book today.

Asia Tours

Travel to Asia and discover remote villages and cultures that don’t see many visitors. Our portfolio of Asia tours showcases experiences that are designed to introduce clients to the remote parts of Asia that remain largely untouched. Visit Myanmar and get first-hand knowledge of a culture that is largely shielded from the world. Book your next adventure.

Latin America Tours

Our Latin America tours have always been a popular option for clients who want to experience the amazing energy of South America, Central America, and their near-neighbours, Cuba and Mexico. These trips are packed with iconic natural landscapes, ancient towns, wild rain forests and big mountains. Rich in culture and colour, these tours are as spectacular as they are fascinating. Don’t miss out, book your spot today.

Middle East Tours & Central Asia

Our Middle East tours are filled with exotic, historic locales, beautiful, ancient sights and adventurous activities. Visit historical sites and marvel at architectural feats that date back thousands of years. Or, if you prefer something out of the ordinary, visit the five Stans of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Do things differently with Travel Directors. Book now.

Rail Tours

If train holidays are your idea of a great adventure, you’ve come to the right place. Hop on the Trans-Siberian express and experience a unique Christmas as you travel across the vast Siberian landscape. Travel through the Swiss Alps or the glorious Scottish countryside, or experience an exotic train journey all the way from Manchester in the UK, to Marrakech in Morocco. . Your options are plentiful, choose one and book today.

We pride ourselves on our unique, handcrafted journeys. An extraordinary amount of research and experience has gone into each of our tours, and we never launch a new tour without first making a thorough reconnaissance of the entire route ourselves, leaving nothing to chance.

We use small independent ground operators in all the countries we visit and they share our commitment to providing you with the best possible ‘close-up’travelexperience. Contact us today for more information.