Things to Take Overseas With You

Don’t get stuck without those important bits and pieces

Heading off to see the world again? How many days have you allocated to pack your suitcase? Well, it’s time you kick it into gear. Preparation is key if you want to ensure you have a great time, and because you’re probably heading off to a new and exciting destination, you need to be extra prepared. So, as you start packing your regular essentials, here are a few unusual additions to consider as suggested by seasoned travellers.

Reusable water bottle

We suggest one with a built-in filter. It sounds obvious, but when you’re visiting a country that you’ve never been to, the water may be questionable. It’s also essential to remain hydrated from the moment you leave home so keep your bottle full at all times. They’re easy to pack and will save you money. Available in glass, plastic and stainless steel options, each of which are adequately treated to ensure your water doesn’t taste like anything else other than pure H2O.

Duct tape

The ultimate traveller saviour for when your luggage zip splits open on the subway in New York, your trainers start falling apart on that Inca trail, or your backpack starts to tear at the seams when you’re in the middle of a volcano and there are no stores in sight. It’s also the perfect solution to sealing liquid bottles before packing them in your luggage. Never underestimate the brilliance and usefulness of this multipurpose adhesive.

Hand sanitiser

Granted, it’s not that unusual, but it’s something a lot of travellers don’t pack, and they end up getting sick. The importance of hygiene varies from country to country, and you don’t want to be left without soap when you desperately need it, ensure you have an alcohol-based version on hand – no pun intended. It doesn’t work as well on dirty hands, so keep your hands clean with wet wipes and germ-free with hand sanitiser.

Stain remover wipes

So you’re trying new coffees in Columbia, or a delicious new hot sauce in Peru, chances are you will end up dealing with a messy situation along the way. Many seasoned travellers have been left to walk around with large coffee stains and chilli streaks down their clothes because they had nothing on hand to remove them. Stain remover wipes will keep your mess exhibition down to a minimum, and they take up minimal space.

Now you’re ready to take off on your newest adventure. For more travel advice and recommendations on planning your next trip, contact a reliable boutique travel operator for more information.